Our Mission

Breakthrough cancer therapies:
Directing the immune system to eliminate tumor cells.

  Affimed is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing highly targeted cancer immunotherapies. Its product candidates are being developed in the field of immuno-oncology, which represents an innovative approach to cancer treatment that seeks to harness the body’s own immune defenses to fight tumor cells. The most potent cells of the human defense arsenal are types of white blood cells called Natural Killer cells, or NK-cells, and T-cells. Affimed’s proprietary, next-generation bispecific antibodies, termed TandAbs® because of their tandem antibody structure, are designed to direct and establish a bridge between either NK-cells or T-cells and cancer cells. Affimed’s TandAbs have the ability to bring NK-cells or T-cells into proximity and trigger a signal cascade that leads to the destruction of cancer cells. Due to their novel tetravalent architecture (which provides for four binding domains), the TandAbs bind to their targets with high affinity and have half-lives that allow intravenous administration. Affimed believes, based on the TandAbs mechanism of action and the preclinical and clinical data it has generated to date, that its product candidates may ultimately improve response rates, clinical outcomes and survival in cancer patients and could eventually become a cornerstone of modern targeted oncology care.

Affimed has focused its research and development efforts on moving novel immune cell engager based therapies through clinical development. Because TandAbs bind with receptors that are known to be present on a number of types of cancer cells, each of Affimed’s TandAb product candidates could be developed for the treatment of several different cancers. Affimed intends to initially develop its two clinical stage product candidates in orphan or high-medical need indications, including development as a salvage therapy for patients who have relapsed after, or are refractory to, that is who do not respond to treatment with, standard therapies.

Affimed generates its pipeline of product candidates from three proprietary next-generation antibody-engineering technologies:

  NK-cell TandAbs – tetravalent, bifunctional proteins that recognize a specific biologic target and, utilizing their second functionality, bind with high affinity to CD16A on NK cells and thereby direct the NK-cells to eliminate the target cell.  
  T-cell TandAbs – tetravalent, bifunctional proteins that recognize a specific biologic target and utilizing their second functionality, bind with high affinity to CD3 on T-cells and thereby direct the T-cell to eliminate the target cell.  
  Trispecific Abs for dual targeting of tumor cells – trifunctional structures that can be designed to target two different targets/epitopes on the tumor cell and with the third functionality bind with high affinity to either T-cells or NK-cells.  
Affimed Pipeline
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